Good Lord — Unintended Positive Effects of The Recession

Sure for us in the legal profession we can expect cheaper gifts and crappier wines, and no year-end bonuses this year.

Things are not all bad, however. Specifically, columnist David Brooks has hit on one unabashedly positive effect of our bleak economic times:

Recessions breed pessimism. That’s why birthrates tend to drop and suicide rates tend to rise. That’s why hemlines go down. Tamar Lewin of The New York Times reported on studies that show that the women selected to be Playboy Playmates of the Year tend to look more mature during recessions — older, heavier, more reassuring — though I have not verified this personally.

So “ladies of a certain age” are due for a comeback?

This is long overdue. Dear South Florida lawyers, if cheap wines and no year-end bonus (here’s another take on that) is the price we have to pay, then by golly we will all just have to suffer through this together!