Grand Slammin’ It With Jeremy Alters and Bruce Rogow.

So there I was yesterday, waiting patiently with the unwashed masses for my free Grand Slam breakfast over at the Denny’s on Biscayne Boulevard and 36th street, when who walks in but Jeremy Alters and his entire Design District firm, including new special counsel Bruce Rogow:”Hey guys, hold on a minute — what are you doing? There’s a long line here, you can’t just walk in and jump over everybody else.”

“He’s Bruce. He can have whatever he wants,” Alters said. “It legitimizes everything we’ve been doing, and frankly, I’m completely honored that he would do it.”

“Umm, ok. But Bruce, please be careful, you literally did a double backflip over that homeless guy to grab that table for your new firm.”

“Being associated with people who really have 30 or 40 more years to practice law gives me new energy.”

“Now give me my free breakfast,” Rogow added.

Alright, I have a confession — some of the foregoing may not be entirely true.Still, in all seriousness, what an intriguing and unusual pairing, I happen to think it’s an excellent fit.

Congrats all!