Here’s Your Chance to Complain About PACER!

I know you have a staff of thousands to deal with pesky CM/ECF issues, and probably have numerous “auto-forward” redundancies so that you never miss a deadline ever.

But in the event your keyboard has actually made real live intertubular contact with PACER, you may have a suggestion or two for how to make the danged thing work better.

There is an initiative under way to improve how PACER operates.  It is headed up by Judge J. Rich Leonard, from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the ED NC, who chairs the perfectly Gov-speaked “Additional Stakeholders Functional Requirements Group” (a/ka ASFRG).

You can fill the survey out anonymously here, or do like me and have the survey automatically forwarded to your secretary and the associate who used to work with you but who left a few months back.

(That should pretty much take care of it.)