Hey, At Least They Spelled The Name Right.

klugeraventuramagpicforinfo-5855007You know what they say about getting your name in the press — it’s all good.

So by that measure I suppose this is a positive development:

In March, a federal jury in Richmond, Virginia convicted Okun of wire fraud, money laundering, smuggling, perjury and conspiracy, following a three-week trial.

Earlier this month, a federal judge sentenced the Miami businessman to 100 years in prison and to forfeit $40 million.

According to the filing, some of Okun’s former lawyers have also agreed to make payments to the tax firm’s estate to resolve possible claims.

Kluger, Peretz, Kaplan & Berlin PL will pay roughly $10.7 million, while Michael Rosen will pay $925,000, the filing shows.

Money shmoney, that’s ok — but no one touches the paintings!

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