H&K Associates Get Obsolete Mini Computer Designed to Make Them Work More!


Once again the Intrepid One™   breaks news:

Holland & Knight gave its 350 associates a trendy Christmas present this year: a brand-new iPad.

The popular tech tools that retail for $499 were hand-delivered to every associate at the firm Dec. 17 with a memo from firm managing partner Steven Sonberg. On behalf of the partners, he thanked the associates for their “hard work and dedication” in 2010.

“In recognition of your contributions, please accept this iPad as a gift from the firm,” Sonberg said, quickly adding, “The iPad is not in lieu of 2010 performance-based bonuses, which will be determined in due course in the first quarter of 2011.”

Sure it’s not Steve! I don’t get the iPad. It’s mildly amusing for about ten minutes, but it’s about as powerful as my smartphone, less useful than my laptop, already feels dated, and leaves you hungry for more and thinking how much better it could be.

In other words, it’s the tech equivalent of a “slider”!