How to Become a Federal Judge.

You know that judge out in Virginia who just struck down the individual mandate in the new health care law?

The one who owns a stake in a GOP consulting firm that has directly worked against health care reform?

Turns out he wrote a memoir(!) in which very candidly explains — boasts(?) — about how he got to become a federal judge:

After Congress created a new judgeship for the Richmond Division in the Eastern District of Virginia in 2001, Hudson expressed his interest and picked up the support of the state’s two Republican senators.

Hudson’s description of the selection process candidly acknowledges its political nature. “Campaigning for a federal judgeship is almost as challenging as running for political office,” he writes. “Rather than court voters, aspirants solicit endorsements from influential political activists with close ties to the senators, particularly the activists who raise the big money.

That is where 20 years of active service to the Republican party, and helping in the various campaigns of each senator, paid dividends and gave me the edge,” he said.

It’s good to be the King!