Hump Day Digital Dump

Hi kids, just another day in paradise.Let’s see what’s pinging around in my brain this morning:

Steve Carell has a schmuck problem.

Related — I want to marry Sarah Silverman.

I’ve got a brand new pair of roller skates, Mike Eidson’s got a decades-old key.

Dwyane Wade — oy.

Congrats Willie!!

So Senator Bennett looks at a little soft porn while on the Senate floor?But don’t worry, sez the Senator, it was totally my best friend’s fault!

“Last Friday, I took a moment to check my personal email account during a quiet minute on the Senate floor. I received several emails from a former city colleague and life-long friend. I had no prior knowledge as to what the emails would contain and when the contents of one was discovered to be less than appropriate, it was promptly closed. I cannot control what individuals may send me and am disappointed that at a time when there are major issues impacting Florida, an insignificant issue such as this receives any attention.”

What’s worse — four seconds of harmless skin during the workday, or publicly throwing your life-long friend under the bus?

Guess where I come down on that one…….