“I am not a demonstrative exhibit! I am a human being! I am a court reporter!”

Did anyone else catch the spirited defense of the essential human nature of court reporters in the letters page of the Herald recently:

I am appalled that the prosecutor in the Adam Kaufman murder case used a seated court reporter to demonstrate how Kaufman allegedly strangled his wife. I assume that the demonstration caused her no physical harm, but I protest the fact that he treated her like a prop in a performance.

A court reporter is a human being with an official court function. The court’s ability to dispense justice and the basis for either side’s ability to file any eventual appeal depend on the accuracy of the reporter’s transcription.

Court reporters are predominantly women, leading some to regard them as an ”accessory” and such dehumanizing treatment as no big deal. Court reporters are neither props nor accessories. They are professionals integral to the justice we all seek and deserve.

I love court reporters — I love talking to them at depositions, gauging their reactions during hearings, and of course their goody baskets during the holidays.Thanks for the fancy mustard!!Oh, I also like their work product.But using one to demonstrate a fatal strangle hold during opening statements? That strikes me as a bit much.

Good thing it wasn’t a sexual assault case.