I Need To Take Up Running — For My Health.

Wow, I had a mild college flashback reading the NYT Science page this morning:

The deep waves have the distinguishing curl of Kelvin-Helmholtz billows, a type of wave present throughout nature. Scientists have long tracked these distinctive waves, finding them on the windblown sea, on sand dunes, among clouds and even in the churning gases of Saturn and Jupiter.

See, I told you!

Speaking of college, Davie attorney Spencer West did pretty darn good in the Boston Marathon, finishing third in the state(!):

“It was a beautiful day, and the crowd was amazing,” West said.

“You get to the top of a hill and look forward, and all you see is an army of people. You’ve got the college girls from Wellesley slapping five and handing out phone numbers and holding ‘Kiss me’ signs. It’s a lot of fun.”

Seriously?Ok, forget windsurfing — I just found a new hobby.

I’ve got a court hearing this morning, so have fun kids and wish me luck!