I Speak of the Pompitous of Love

So I’m here in my office, grooving to Quincy Jones and Bill Cosby’s funky 1969 concoction, Hikky-Burr, and it got me in a friendly, almost social, frame of mind. Holy crap, my Ipod shuffle just followed it up with The Joker, and my pleasant mood is happily extended.In fact, those two happy, joyful tunes got me out of my jaded, scornful, blue wallowing long enough to buy two tix to the big Federal Bar Association event, heading our way February 7th, at the Hyatt.

As usual, we will be honoring that collection of pickers, grinners, lovers, sinners, making rulings in the sun — you know, our judges, so it should be a nice event, filled with people you know or should know. Lovey-dovey lovey-dovey lovey-dovey all the time……

Wait a minute — who put on my playlist Duran Duran’s execrable cover of Dylan’s Lay Lady Lay?

Mood instantly broken; gloom sets in.