International Criminal Law and Its Enforcement, Cases and Materials

Fresh off the presses International Criminal Law and Its Enforcement, Cases and Materials.

Beth Van Schaack and Ron Slye provide this description of their new book:

This casebook draws from the jurisprudence of the various international and hybrid criminal tribunals (in The Hague, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, East Timor, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Baghdad, and Cambodia), United Nations bodies (such as the Human Rights Committee), regional human rights institutions, formal domestic courts, alternative or traditional courts (such as the gacaca proceedings in Rwanda), and transitional justice institutions (such as truth commissions). It also draws upon domestic and international jurisprudence involving civil, as opposed to criminal, liability to the extent that such cases are predicated upon tort analogs of international crimes and forms of responsibility such as complicity and command responsibility.

An exciting new entrant to the ever growing field of international criminal law!

(Hat Tip to IntlLawGrrls)