International Law? How about International Cuisine

Most of us blogging here love International Law— and with that oftentimes comes a love of internatioanl cuisine. In the spirit of that I’ve decided to post a quick video about how to make a mouthwatering dish, courtesy of my good friend Dave Caputo (who I’m hoping becomes a Food Network star someday).

From his description:

Regional/Seasonal cooking, Harvest Sausage and Grapes is the recipe demonstrated in this video. If you are looking for an easy dish that is sure to impress at a wine tasting…this is the perfect dish. We all know that people eat with their eyes first, and this dish is as beautiful on the plate as it tastes. Sweet and Savory is the perfect way to describe this delicious dish! I know that I have what it takes to be the Next Food Network Star…if you agree, let me know!

WATCH the short video HERE