Jack Reiter Leaves Yoss for Carlton Fields!


That intrepid person reports on the departure of Jack Reiter, former head of Adorno Yoss’ appellate department, to Carlton Fields:

“I’ve been presented with a terrific opportunity to become part of a strong statewide firm and an extremely well-respected practice group,” Reiter said.

Reiter added, “I also was presented with a terrific opportunity to be paid on time, or just to be paid at all, and I found being paid for work that I do to be a significant factor in my future ability to earn any income.” Oh I kid, I kid. All is well with Yoss, how could it not be? I remember a time in college when I was flat-broke, and had to sell my blood to get any cash, plus I ate most meals at the food kitchen where you could get rice and bread for free in exchange for helping to clean up after dinner. This seriously happened to me.

I call that my “restructuring period.”