Jeff Kaplan in the News……In Singapore!

I kid Jeff Kaplan, really I kid.

I mean, press is press no matter how far-flung or obscure the cite:

In the US, investors are starting to come ‘out of the woodwork’ after learning in quarterly statements that their Lehman investments are almost wiped out, said Mr Jeffrey Kaplan, a Miami lawyer who specialises in securities-arbitration claims.

‘Our phone is ringing off the hook’, Mr Kaplan said. ‘The vast majority of calls we’ve taken are investors with accounts at UBS’.

Congrats dude, you finally made The Straights Times! Now get to work on updating your somewhat musty client-related phrases — you managed to fit in both “out of the woodwork” and “ringing off the hook” into a single soundbite.

I can’t believe the reporter didn’t want to use your strong finish — that clients are literally “beating a path to our door.”

Oh well, there’s always The Singapore Tamil Daily.