Judge Carnes, Karaoke Singer?

It must get frustrating up at the 11th, constantly ruling on sentencing appeals, habeas petitions, and other important matters I instantly forgot about after booking crim pro.

That’s why I totally understand Judge Carnes’ saying “screw it” and just moving on to some cool old-school karaoke:

It may be true, as the song lyrics say, that “When the moon is in the Seventh House / And Jupiter aligns with Mars / Then peace will guide the planets / And love will steer the stars,” but there was no peace and love between these parties after their contractual dispute arose.

 Oh man, that’s a mighty long reach-around.

But I respect the effort.

Hold on — Karaoke Carnes is not done:

Nothing plus nothing is nothing, just as “nothing from nothing leaves nothing.”

 Billy Preston?

The Fifth Beatle??

The 14th Rolling Stone???

Ok, I gotta give him that one — well done, Your Honor!