Judge Carnes Writes 66-Page Jurisdictional Snoozefest!

Ok, I just spent the last hour reading Judge Carne’s recent prolix opinion on CAFA jurisdiction and what evidence is properly considered when evaluating jurisdiction on removal.I had the following reaction:Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.I often wonder whether courts should be required to abide by the same page limitations lawyers are stuck with. How is it that you can come up with a 55 page opinion when the movant is limited to 30?In this case the best part was Judge Carnes’ introduction:

The plaintiffs entered into contracts to purchase units in Two City Plaza, a new high-rise building that offers ocean views and “cruise-like amenities” such as a Zen Garden, Moonlight Theatre, and a rooftop resort pool and steam room.

You really want your condo to resemble a cruise ship?Corpulent, underdressed chazzers feelin’ hot hot hot in the hot tub as you struggle to maintain some dignity and find a modicum of peace and quiet?

No thanks.