Judge Perry to the Supremes?

judgejamese-c-perry_-4865582Or so a well-placed friend says.

Finally, a pick that makes some sense. You can read the background on the nominations and Judge Perry here:

In the next week or so, Gov. Charlie Crist faces one of the toughest political decisions of his tenure as governor: A Supreme Court appointment that pits conservatives in his own party against a minority community Crist is courting.

Religious conservatives and the National Rifle Association are backing 5th District Appeals Court Judge C. Alan Lawson, calling him the most qualified of the four candidates presented to Crist.

But some liberal groups and black leaders — including state NAACP President Adora Obi Nweze, whom Crist recently named as his minority affairs adviser — are ardently backing Seminole County Circuit Judge James E.C. Perry.

Perry would be the second black justice on the seven-member state Supreme Court.
Both sides have lobbied Crist, and he has strong political reasons for not wanting to alienate either side.

Crist has proclaimed his intent to make racially diverse judicial appointments, and he wants black and minority support if he runs for the U.S. Senate next year.

Naah — give me the gun-nut religious conservative! That’s just what this State needs.

UPDATE: See, I told you!

The official announcement is here.