Just Who Is Ira Buchbinder?

Have they finally just merged, bodies and soul, to create some kind of uber-lawyer? Yes, says DBR reporter Billy Shields:

Attorney Ira Buchbinder of Buchbinder & Elegant in Miami who represents the city, declined to comment.

It’s about time. You take the pugnacious elements from one, and the humor and good grace from the other, and you just about have it all in one shiny, unbeatable package.BTW, these things happen, and Billy Shields is doing some terrific work.

This even happened to me once, when I accidentally merged GT boss Cesar Alvarez and lovely Adorno Yoss attorney Teresita Chavez, and wound up calling him Cesar Chavez.

(Though the two Cesars do share a deep concern for poverty, working conditions, and farmworkers’ rights…..)