Justin Long Must No Longer Appear On My Computer Screen.

It feels a bit slow around here, no?

Sure we have the Chinese Drywall trial and Rothstein’s sentencing, but you can feel the lawyers and judges starting to slow down, plan their North Carolina or Colorado summer trips, and ease up on the usual nonsense we see day to day.

Me, I’m heading to LA to put a permanent end to this intertubes hipster phenomenon known as “Justin Long.”

(I have a feeling the world won’t notice.)Anyone else have anything interesting to report?

Let’s see, this is good news:

President Barack Obama is not only breaking barriers in his appointments to the highest court in the land, he’s quickly reshaping the lower ranks of the federal judiciary, nominating an unprecedented number of minorities and women.

Monday night, the Senate confirmed three of Obama’s judicial picks — all of them women. Among them is Lucy Koh of California, who is slated to become the nation’s first Korean-American district court judge.

Also pending confirmation is Goodwin Liu, who would become the first Taiwanese-American federal appellate court judge — though his nomination is threatened by Republicans who believe he’s too liberal.

Of Obama’s 70 appellate and district court nominees, 44 percent are female and 43 percent are minorities, according to recent analysis by the Alliance for Justice, a liberal advocacy group. By contrast, only 22 percent of President George W. Bush’s 322 confirmed judges were female and less than 18 percent were minorities.

Or is it, says this idiot:

“When you make law representative of America, you are undermining the objective” of a fair and impartial judiciary, said Stephen Presser, professor of legal history at Northwestern University Law School. “What you’ve got here is the opposite of John Roberts’s notion that judges ought to be umpires.

“When you send a message of inclusiveness, it’s a dangerous move, and it makes the court more political than it needs to be,” Presser added.

Exactly!I think he’s saying all the umpires should be white?

Or they should all be like Jim Joyce?

Oh hail, what Justice Souter says.