Kagan! (Yawn)

I hope everyone had a nice Mother’s Day and pampered that special someone this weekend (no, I don’t mean yourself).

So, Kagan.

Not surprisingly (to swlip, at least) I share Greenwald’s concerns, but that’s just the way Obama is. Steadfast compromise for no apparent gain seems to be his M.O., and yet to some degree it appears to be working. But it’s not exactly the best way to fire up the base.

Daubert much? A friend passed along this helpful link so you can reminisce about how much simpler and easier it was when all we had to worry about was Frye.

Remember O.J. McDuffie? Eight years on but he just was awarded $11.5 million in a malpractice case against prominent Dr. John Uribe, the team physician for the Dol-rudes.

Uribe — surprise! — called the verdict “a travesty.”

Mazel Tov, Lewis Tein attorney Bill Lewis — what a romantic story!

Finally, RIP dear sweet Lena Horne.