Kanye West To Mediate with Suge By “Telephone”

This Solomonic order by Judge Seitz splits the Kanye West mediation baby nicely in half:  you can go be “outside the continental United States” when you are supposed to be mediating in Miami, but you have to appear by telephone and you need to send some authorized flunkies to go sit in a room with Suge. Listen, I agree with Kanye — if the choice is between rapping with Beyonce or sitting in a conference room on Brickell with a bunch of lawyers, I think I know what I would choose.

But the telephone is so dated — why not let Kanye appear via Skype or better yet his Twitter feed, filled with recent and utterly charming bon mots such as “Sometimes I get emotional over fonts.”

Did I mention this guy is hanging around with Beyonce?