Kids Say the Darndest Things!

Where’s Art Linkletter when you need him:

In between learning their ABC’s and 123’s, the 4-year-olds in Iris Dasilvia’s Tamarac preschool recently got a lesson in D-R-U-Gs.

One preschooler apparently pulled a small plastic bag out of his book bag last Friday, and inside was his brother’s marijuana stash.

”That’s my brother’s weed,” the teacher allegedly overheard the 4-year-old boy say, according to authorities.

Aww, isn’t that just precious??Time for more educational budget cuts!

Speaking of kids, what do you make of this:

Then, in November, Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Cindy Lederman also declared the law unconstitutional in a case in which she approved the adoption of two half-brothers, then ages 4 and 8. The boys, identified only as John and James Doe, had been living with foster father Frank Gill since December 2004.

DCF, which had custody of the children Gill adopted, has appealed Lederman’s order to the Third District Court of Appeal in Miami. Gill’s attorneys tried to move the case directly to the Florida Supreme Court, but the Miami appeals court judges declined to relinquish jurisdiction.

Oy — not a good sign.We all know this case is winding up before the Supremes in Tally, is it absolutely necessary for the 3d DCA to dispense its (interim) wisdom on this matter before the case heads further north?

BTW, I’m expecting a PCA affirmance.