Lew Freeman Officially Retires ‘Titanic’ Metaphor; Now Trying Out Classic TV References

Everyone by now is familiar with Lew Freeman’s love of Titanic metaphors. You can see a few of Lew’s greatest Titanic hits here, here and here.But like any good stand-up or forensic accountant, you got to keep your material fresh.

Making tentative baby steps, Lew recently branched out from the “nautical disaster” metaphor genre and went straight for the popular backed up sewage reference.

Now, no longer satisfied with likening financial fraud to tragedies at sea or massive amounts of bodily waste, Lew has embraced classics from TV’s Golden Age:

“It’s one of these bizarre things,” Freeman said. “This involves something I was briefly involved in 10 years ago. I met with the IRS five years ago and I thought this was resolved. That this is coming back now, I feel like this is something from the Twilight Zone.”

I thought for sure once Lew said “[t]hat this is coming back now” we were in for another bowel-movement or possible stomach indigestion reference.

Lew, I think you surprised many of us by going with a high-brow Rod Serling.

Well done, sir.