Mark Tobin Is Proud of His Bottles.

marktobin-7176535Hi folks, lots of fun stories floating around today.First, as anyone working at a big firm knows, conflicts checks are a real hassle.

Just ask my buddy and excellent lawyer extraordinare Pedro Martinez-Fraga:

Martinez-Fraga asked to withdraw as counsel for the Chilean government in all four of the Miami cases after the conflict issue was raised by Berger Singerman attorneys Mitchell Berger of Fort Lauderdale and James Cunningham Jr. of Miami. They alleged in an April 27 response that the presence of another Squire Sanders attorney on Espirito Santo’s board caused a conflict. Another conflict stems from PNC’s status as a Squire Sanders client, attorneys familiar with the case say.
shim-9542694Espirito Santo noted Squire Sanders of counsel Eric Buermann is a senior director on Espirito Santo’s board, and a bank court filing said the Squire Sanders team initially refused to withdraw from the case.


Berger and Cunningham also wrote that Squire Sanders attorneys told them Buermann said there was no reason to withdraw.


“Squire Sanders & Dempsey indicated to the bank’s counsel that based on the facts known by Mr. Buermann, there was no reason for it to withdraw. The only way that the law firm could have reached this conclusion was by interviewing Mr. Buermann about his knowledge of the facts of the case. The bank pointed out that any such interview is a violation of … rules of professional conduct,” Espirito Santo said in a court filing.

You know, this kind of stuff never used to happen at Greenberg.

But enough about pesky conflicts issues, let’s discuss bottles and the lawyers who put delicious things in them:

Prominent Miami Lawyer Mark Tobin and his wife Christine Ferrari Tobin, recently introduced their new wine brand Mattebella, an old world style wine from their Vineyard in Long Island, New York, to the South Florida market.

“After 4 years of nurturing and aging, we are finally able to introduce our wines to the market,” said Tobin, a partner in the private property rights law firm of Brigham Moore, LLP. “We are extremely proud of what is in our bottles.”

You should be. And look at what’s in them:

Aged only in the finest French Oak, the wine enjoys feminine tannins with hints of coffee and chocolate flavors.

Hey, I also enjoy feminine tannins with hints of coffee and chocolate flavors!

In fact I’m getting a warm fuzzy feeling just repeating the phrase “feminine tannins with hints of coffee and chocolate flavors.”

Congrats Mark, you can deliver a case to my friend John the shoeshine guy over at the courthouse on Flagler, he’ll get it to me pronto.