Maurice Kutner Lands a Big One

All you naysayers take note — this one could be very big:

Capping a week of rumors about her husband’s alleged infidelities, the wife of New York Yankee superstar Alex ”A-Rod” Rodriguez is expected to file for divorce in Miami-Dade Circuit Court on Monday, The Miami Herald has learned.

Cynthia Rodriguez, 35, who wed the Miami-bred slugger in 2002, claims the marriage is over because of Rodriguez’s extramarital affairs. The couple own a waterfront home in Coral Gables.

In recent days, Rodriguez, 32, had been linked to Madonna, 49, by New York papers, which said Rodriguez was spotted leaving the Material Girl’s Park Avenue apartment late at night. Madonna’s own union to director Guy Ritchie has also been reported to be on the rocks.

Madonna vehemently denied a romance with the All-Star in a statement released to People magazine on Sunday.

In the divorce, Cynthia Rodriguez is represented by attorneys Maurice Kutner and Anthony Sabatino, both of Miami, and Earle Lilly and John Van Ness of Houston.

”She feels that she has exhausted every opportunity to salvage the marriage, and that Alex has emotionally abandoned her and the children and has left her with no choice but to divorce him,” Kutner said Sunday.

The former Cynthia Scurtis married the third-baseman, a Miami-Dade Westminster Christian High School graduate, on Nov. 2, 2002 in Dallas, Tx. They have two children, Natasha, 3, and Ella, who is 3-months-old.

The couple is said to have a prenuptial agreement, drawn up on Oct. 3, 2002, a month before their marriage.

Late last year, Alex Rodriguez, the son of Dominican parents, signed baseball’s highest contract – a 10-year, $275 million deal with the Yankees.

Prenup, eh? I wonder who prepared that document? If they did like Big Ira — with the videos, witnesses, all the bells and whistles, A-Rod should be in good shape. Otherwise, get ready for WWIII.