Meaningful Things I Keep Near My Desk!

Reading this article on Steve Zack, I was struck by just how many things he keeps by his desk.

The list is diverse yet each item is pregnant with deep meaning:

Outgoing American Bar Association President Stephen Zack keeps a list of Buddhist sayings near his desk, as well as several silver gelding knives given to him by former clients.

Ok, Buddhist sayings and gelding knives.

Ying/yang, zen/warrior, got it.

What else?

To this day, Zack keeps a binder with Cuba’s 1940 Constitution – first suspended by a 1952 coup and later thrown out after the 1959 revolution.

“I keep a copy near my desk to remind me that the words alone are not enough.”

Hmm, evidently a smart and successful lawyer needs to make sure every item near her desk conveys an important message or signifies something that you want people to know about you.

It’s like a bumper stick for your office!

So everyone please stop what you are doing (wasting time online) and take an inventory of the items in your immediate vicinity and see how you compare. I’ll go first:

1.  Framed photo of President Nixon and a drug-addled Elvis (or should that be the other way around)?

2.  Copy of deed for Chief Justice Rehnquist’s Vermont home that contained restrictive covenant barring sale of property to “any member of the Hebrew race.”

3. Gag gavel that makes farting noise (great for hearings!) 4.  Hand-made, partially-completed matchstick model of Peter Halmos’ yacht (it’s taken me seven years but I still intend to finish before the trial does).

Ok, your turn!