Billy Shields has a nice piece on the never-ending saga involving BDO Seidman and the new trial that commenced this week against BDO International, but he missed the money quote:

”Confusion creeps in because of the similarity in names,” Mark Raymond, a lawyer for Belgium-based BDO International, told jurors.

Contrary to assertions that BDO International is the principal firm, Raymond said it is an agent of the member firms.

”Like a wedding planner, they coordinate, they facilitate,” Raymond said. “Does a bride give the wedding planner all of these rights to run and control everything? Of course not.”

Hold on now Mark — I saw that movie and I’m pretty sure JLO completely dominated lazy stoner Matthew McConaughey and even trumped evil bride Bridgette Wilson in the end.

Also, how lame is it for BDO International to change its name right before trial, now calling itself “Just A Small Group of Coordinators Who Don’t Control Or Dictate Anything To Any Accountants, That’s For Sure.”

Oops, it’s now known as BDO Global Coordination.