Miami Lawyer Tom Post Lives In A Castle.

Interesting fact: Miami property tax appeals lawyer Tom Post lives in a castle somewhere in Kentucky.

I could pretty much stop there, but there’s more:

Tom Post spent millions of dollars and several years rebuilding the landmark castle on Versailles Road into a luxury inn that draws an increasing number of paying visitors in addition to curiosity seekers.

“I am the castle; the castle is me,” said Post, a Miami lawyer who once lived in Lexington. . . .

Post has roots in the Bluegrass. A Lafayette High School graduate, he earned an undergraduate degree in mathematics and a law degree at the University of Kentucky. At the University of Miami law school, he earned a master’s of law degree.

But Post made his money in real estate. In downtown Miami he owned hotels, warehouses, office buildings and parking lots. “Real estate was very, very good to me,” he said.

He sold the buildings a few years ago, before the real estate market crash, but Post said he still owns several downtown acres of vacant land and parking lots.

Practicing law in Miami for more than 30 years, Post specializes in property tax law. Property taxes are the main source of revenue for Florida and its cities. “Our job is to make sure our clients don’t pay more than their fair share of property tax,” Post said of his three-member firm.

Beat that, all you white-shoe macher wannabees fighting traffic to Brickell and dealing with billables, collections and annoying out-of-state partners who constantly tell you how to run your practice.