Mike Kosnitzky Flies Often! (End of Post.)

What, you think there’s more to the story?

I don’t know, hard to say.

Ok, there is this:

Since I almost always travel alone, I’m often asked by other passengers if I could change my seat. If a middle-aged couple says that they are married and want to fly sitting next to each other, I say that they have been together for so long that I’m sure that they could overcome the separation anxiety for a few short hours.

If a younger married couple wants me to change, I say that “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” If an unmarried couple asks me, I say that I only make exceptions for married people. 

You silver-tongued devil! But all hope is not lost — every rule has its exceptions:

I have made a few exceptions recently, once for an elderly couple, and another time for a couple where the husband just had stomach surgery. 

I understand this — lawyers are superstitious and air travel is tough enough as it is.

However, if you do happen to see Mike on a plane and you want to change seats, act really old or really sick and see what happens.

Safe travels!