More Lawyers Offer Traffic Advice

Not to leave Joe DeMaria with the final word from our Bar on South Florida’s traffic woes, international man of mystery Jose Astigarraga offers his take as well:

While our biggest long-term challenge is education, the most immediate problem is transportation. Traffic congestion now has become a factor that people must take into account in planning their work day and is even curtailing economic activity. Some of our lawyers and employees spend more than 2 hours a day getting to and from work. While a single meeting’s hour-long delay might seem innocuous, the total loss of productivity is real when multiplied by the number of times such conversations take place in our community. Congestion is a front-of-mind daily aggravation that will become significant in people’s evaluation of whether to stay in South Florida. If Miami and South Florida expect to realize their hope of becoming world class, they must significantly upgrade the transportation system. Compare our public transportation system with those of London, New York, or Paris and you realize how far we have to go.

He’s intelligent as always, and absolutely right. Traffic is a joke, and only getting worse. Our public transportation system is a disgrace, not even by international city standards, but simply by comparison to places like Chicago, Minneapolis, Boston, New York, San Francisco, etc.

Your picks for which local lawyer will weigh in next on our traffic situation, after the jump!