More Smart Decisions By Our School Board

So they spend good money to hire Murray Greenberg, he recommends they cut a deal, and they go ahead and fire her outright:

Rejecting the advice of a special counsel, the Miami-Dade School Board on Tuesday voted to fire a School Board attorney who accepted a moving payment from the school system but never moved to Miami-Dade County.

The board voted 6-3 to terminate JulieAnn Rico’s contract on the grounds of “misconduct in office.”

Special counsel Murray A. Greenberg, who was hired by the board to deal with issues relating to Rico’s contract, had recommended that the board buy out Rico’s contract for about $200,000 plus benefits.

Greenberg said Rico was certain to sue — and that the case was far from a ”slam dunk” in court. Greenberg also pointed out that litigation would be costly.

What’s next — they bring in “special defense counsel” Hank Adorno, spend plenty of money all around, then settle for $450k plus fees on the courthouse steps?