My iPhone App Can Beat Up Your iPhone App!

We’ve highlighted a few before, but this one tells you that screwed up with some local rule or professional rule of conduct — and you can use it while you’re in court about to be sanctioned!

The application features Southern District guidelines and local bar rules for Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade and Duval counties. And since Hopkins updates it regularly, he’d like to eventually add local bar rules from other parts of the state.

“You used to see a lot of lawyers using BlackBerries at the courthouse, but now it’s moved more toward iPhones,” Hopkins says. “You can get e-mails and read documents very easily.

“And with the popularity of iPhone apps, having access to rules of civil procedure, rules of evidence, those types of things, right on your phone — as opposed to walking around with a book — makes a lot of sense. The first thing that came to mind was doing something that had the rules of professional conduct.”

Actually, when I think of potential apps, that was not the first thing that came to my mind (but I may be a special case).Still, I thought you were not supposed to be texting or surfing the web while in the courtroom?

So, to summarize, you can use Chris’ neat app to learn that you are at that moment inappropriately using his app.

How meta!

On an unrelated note — thanks IPKat for linking to one of my dumb posts in this week’s Blawg Review — you all did a great job!