News Flash: Miami Lawyers Not That Civil?

Miami refugee lawyer Carl Schwait explains that the grass is always greener in Gainesville:

He started at the firm 19 years ago today after he and wife, Anna Schwait, a professor of nursing at the University of Florida, decided he should leave his practice and resign from the city commission to get away from South Florida; at the time, it was ahead of a mass migration away from the area.

“We decided we didn’t want to raise a family in an urban environment like Miami,” he said. “Raising our daughters, restarting our careers and realizing we will live the rest of our lives in Gainesville has been one of the true blessings of life.”

He also found a markedly different legal environment.

“The tenor and civility of the practice was breathtaking,” he said. “The respect shown between lawyers, to clients and to and from judges allowed a practice of your craft not consistently experienced in Miami.”

Hmm, does anyone know what Carl is talking about?

I sure don’t.