Obama and Mandela and Castro, Together Again.

Remember when noted Radical Black Communist Nelson Mandela came to Miami, and our public officials earned everlasting international scorn by acting like a complete bunch of close-minded, reactionary idiots?

Well we have another noted Radical Black Communist who wants to spread his message all over our kids, so let’s dust off the Mandela playbook:

But Miami-Dade schools will not mass broadcast the speech, spokesman John Schuster said. Teachers who wish to show the address will have to live stream it from the White House website. What students who opt out will do during the 15- or 20-minute speech is up to each school.

So it will not be made available at all to any teacher on the public school system television, and instead teachers will have to stream the speech over the web on their classroom computers?Too bad with budget cuts there are few working computers in the schools, and those that do function are unlikely to be able to stream the speech without significant technical issues.Let’s hear school board member Marta Perez calmly explain her completely reasonable thought process:

“To force students to sit in a classroom where it’s easy to get students because they’re in school, because it’s a captive audience, and to even send out lesson plans — it’s reminiscent of totalitarian governments like Castro.”

Exactly!And with lesson plans no less — what is wrong with this man?I’m sure Ms. Perez would have felt the same way if President Bush (a white non-communist) wished to speak to the students, and she would have made the exact same fair-minded and totally rational comparison to Fidel Castro.

The NYT put it well today:

There is, of course, nothing socialist in any of Mr. Obama’s policies, as anyone with a passing knowledge of socialism and its evil history knows. But in this country, unlike actual socialist countries, nobody can be compelled to listen to the president. What is most disturbing about all this is what it says about the parents — and the fact that they have such little regard for their children’s intelligence and ability to think.

I don’t mind the parents so much, they are not policymakers.

But the elected educators?