Oh No — Here Come The Commies!

I knew with well-known Indonesian Muslim/Palestinian/60s radical Obama in charge, we could expect a full-scale commie takeover of the Justice Department.

And now it begins:

David Ogden, who during the Clinton administration led DOJ’s civil division and also served as chief of staff to Janet Reno, is leading the transition team for the department, reports the Washington Post. Ogden is currently a partner at the WilmerHale law firm.

WilmerHale? Here is David’s profile at that notorious Marxist think tank. Why not just name Bill Ayers and Angela Davis to head DOJ and be done with it?And look at his qualifications — editor-in-chief of the Harvard Law Review and later a United States Supreme Court law clerk. Clearly, he cannot hold a candle to the jurisprudential genius of Harriet Miers!

Anyone from South Florida rumored to be part of the transition team? Feel free to email me with any good intel.