Oh Well — He Still Is Dating Elle MacPherson.

jeffelle-3141936Hi kids, it’s Monday and it will probably rain again!

Poor Jeff Soffer. The Turnberry heir picked the wrong time to invest in the Las Vegas condo market, picked the wrong time to give half of his hotel to the Saudis in order to drop a half billion in renovations to the Fontainebleau, and even had to deny having an affair with Gwyneth Paltrow.

Ok, he is apparently dating Elle MacPherson so things can’t be all bad.

Still, now it looks like his hotel is about to lose a huge book of business — the 2009 ShowEast, which is a major movie theater convention that requires at least 210 show booths.

The contract for the convention allegedly involved a booking of 4,772 guest room nights.

Turns out according to the counterclaim filed by Sandy Bohrer that the new ballroom can only fit 184 booths, too few to accomodate the specific needs of ShowEast.

Oops!Because the ShowEast reps entered into the contract before the renovations were complete, they are arguing mistake and/or fraud and seeking various forms of rescission.

Jeff, through Orlando attorney Jameil McWhorter, is seeking $285k in cancellation fees.

Case is before Judge Ungaro, who set an initial planning and scheduling conference on June 26.

Keep those stairs handy, Jeff!