Open Letter To Bill McCollum (This Time With Esperanto!)

In the spirit of goodwill and universal peace and understanding, I offer this polite correspondence to our Attorney General — with a related note to our beloved 3d DCA entirely in Esperanto, the language of love (and Star Trek):

Dear Bill:

You’re a schmuck.

It’s bad enough you pushed the State to waste $120,000 on an “expert” whose prior testimony an Arkansas judge found “worthless.”

Then Judge Lederman found his testimony unreliable and “not consistent with the science.”

Then you take an appeal.

Then he allegedly engages in “long stroke” luggage management techniques with a Rentboy.

Then you don’t act like a grown-up lawyer and withdraw any reliance upon his testimony in your pending appeal before the 3d DCA:

To Professor Gillers, Mr. McCollum is now obligated both as a lawyer and as a public official to alert the appellate court. “It is not enough for the attorney general simply to refrain from relying on the testimony in his brief and argument,” he said. “He has an affirmative duty to speak up.”

Ms. Wiggins, the spokeswoman for Mr. McCollum, said she could not comment further on pending litigation.

Could not comment — that’s it? Could you imagine a private litigant getting away with that?

Ok, here’s the part in Esperanto to the 3d DCA:

Ĉu kosta *bunkeriza kaf-*swil vestitoj de la pompaj vestaĵoj vi estas aŭskultanta? Live long and prosper, my meshpucha.