Opinio Juris 2.0

Our good friends over at Opinio Juris have rolled out a fantastic new website as part of their partnership with Oxford University Press. (This coming on the same day that the new Convictions blog goes on hiatus). OJ, already the best international law blog on the net, has now upped the ante— perhaps vying for top blawg status against the likes of Volokh and Concurring Opinions. Regardless, the blog looks great, and it’s one more innovative example of why you should send your manuscript to Oxford University Press.

Of course, a blog is only as good as its contributors, and for that matter only as good as its frequent contributors, (I know, I know, we aren’t doing so hot on this mark) Opinio Juris consistently maintains fresh and interesting content from a variety of perspectives. With their new look, they’ve also added the expertise of Ken Anderson (formerly of his own blog Law of War and Just War Theory). I was on an ASIL panel with Ken and was a big fan of his blog, and I’m sure he will be a great addition to an already strong team.

So, a big congrats to Opinio Juris on your newly redesigned blog. Hopefully Volokh’s “green machine” will follow suit.