Paris Hilton Allegedly Owes Restitution

Yeah, you read right, restitution:

Investors in Paris Hilton’s 2006 box-office bomb “Pledge This!” claim she owes $1 million in restitution for supposedly not promoting the movie enough.

The investors asked a Miami federal judge Thursday to force Hilton to repay her fee from the film. They contend she ignored at least nine requests for interviews and other promotion events in violation of her contract.

If you feel like blowing $2.40, you can read the trial brief on restitution damages here.

BTW, I find it pretty amusing that Raoul Cantero was appointed by Judge Moreno to serve as a mediator in this case (Raoul declared an impasse on March 24th).

The order required both the receiver and Ms. Hilton to personally appear at the mediation.I can just imagine how things went at the mediation. Luckily, a spy passed along a partial transcript:

Raoul Cantero: Did you know I used to be a Justice on the Florida Supreme Court?

Paris: [to assistant] tell that man with the glasses to shut up.

Raoul Cantero: I also chaired the Florida Supreme Court’s Commission on Professionalism.

Paris: [to assistant] Did that person say something?

Raoul Cantero: I make lots of money at White & Case.

Paris: [looks directly at Cantero] That is so hawt!