Parsing The Herald’s Kindle Edition.

Happy wet Monday, kids.

If you’re reading this in your office today — hi Greenberg Gal!

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of my Kindle.

I’ve fooled around with the iPad, and it’s a fun device — colors, Facebook, music, internet etc.

But if you are a reader, a lover of books, and you simply want a superior reading experience, you cannot beat the simplicity, functionality, and pleasant design of the Kindle. I actually prefer the reading screen to a conventional book, and I particularly enjoy having my NYT and WSJ waiting for me at 5 am each morning.

No ads, no messy newsprint, each article in its entirety, followed logically by the next one.

And when I travel I typically download the paper of whatever town I’m in — whether it’s the LA Times or the WP. So I thought I’d give the Miami Herald Kindle edition a whirl.

Here’s my four-word review:

It’s embarrassingly bad. Seriously.

I don’t think they are making much effort — haphazard article selection, articles that repeat in different sections (national, local, sports), severely truncated articles, multiple typos and weird codes.

There appears to be very little thought behind it.

The NYT edition is state of the art, so it’s probably not fair to compare the Herald edition to that elegant paper.

But they really ought to try harder.