Parsing the RRA Financials


Last week Herb Stettin filed the RRA Schedules of Assets and Liabilities and Statement of Financial Affairs.

I was struck by a few things:1. This 70-lawyer firm only took in $10 million in 2008 and 2009;2. Kim Rothstein was employed by RRA at a salary of $45k; and3. This was some wildly f&(ked up place.

You know how lawyers, particularly litigators, pride themselves on being good judges of character? They just know when a witness is not telling the truth, or being evasive, or when something is “not quite right.”

Indeed, their self-worth as a lawyer is sometimes bound up with their inflated view of themselves as being able to “put the pieces together,” find a seemingly meaningless clue in a document or a stray aside by a witness, and sleuth their way on a hunch, flop sweat, and good detective work to unraveling the key to winning a case.

Why didn’t anyone at RRA do that with Scott Rothstein?