Pentagon Blocks Colonel Morris Davis From Testifying

The Pentagon blocked Colonel Morris Davis (United States Air Force, Former Chief Prosecutor) from testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee but he was interviewed last night on NBC Nightly News. Read the report below, or view it on MSNBC video here.

December 11, 2007: NBC Nightly News

Brian Williams (Anchor)–The fierce debate over the use of torture was set to go another round in Washington today with an appearance before Congress of a key Pentagon whistle-blower, that is until the Pentagon blocked him from testifying, not before he did talk, however, to our own Andrea Mitchell.

Andrea Mitchell (reporter) –What really goes on behind the gates at Guantanamo? The Pentagon blocked its top military prosecutor from testifying, but he talked exclusively to NBC News.

Colonel Morris Davis –My objective is to tell the truth, and that seemed to be quite a few people that are opposed to me doing that.

Andrea Mitchell–Colonel Morris Davis, a 24-year veteran, quit in October after refusing to use evidence obtained from waterboarding.

Col. Morris Davis–In my opinion, if you tie someone down and induce them to believe they’re going to die if they don’t talk, whatever they tell you is not reliable and not suitable in an American court of justice.

Andrea Mitchll–
So instead of the whistle-blower, the Pentagon sent a general who wouldn’t discuss interrogation techniques.

(Video of Senator Dianne Feinstein before the Senate Judiciary Committee)–
I have to conclude that by prohibiting Colonel Davis from testifying, the administration is trying to stop a fair and open discussion about the legal rights of detainees at Guantanamo.

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