Play Ball!

Hey, I didn’t know WPB attorney Peter Broberg was a major-league pitcher:

“My nemesis,” he calls it, by way of introducing his pre-law career as a major league pitcher for eight seasons, from 1971 to 1979.

Actually, I really like this guy:

He did have other interests. For one, he was a surfer, and hung out with a crowd that kept its eyes on the ocean for the right waves. “It was a hoot,” he says. “And it still is.”

And he was a science fiction buff, with a passion for both movies and books. He has shelves of sci-fi books at his house, paperback and hardcover. He sought sci-fi films at places like the Paramount, and Saturday matinees at the theater on Clematis Street in West Palm Beach.

“I liked stories that were sort of factual fiction. There had to be enough fact in them so that they could have been real, or they might have been real — and maybe they will be real in the future.”

No reference to Bolero or Gin Gibsons anywhere, but otherwise a nice profile — congrats Pete!

Another busy day for me, but I’ll be back to bring you news from the bunker of justice later today.