President Obama Condemns Supreme Court Ruling!

Let me tell you what, I thought it was great the way President Obama got right up into the grill of the Supremes during his SOTU address the other night and told them exactly what they can do with their fancy new pleading standard….

And how ’bout the way Justice Alito couldn’t contain himself and had to pull a judicial version of”You Lie” while the cameras were rolling….


It wasn’t about Iqbal?

You mean the President didn’t even mention Twombly?

Oh well, I got excited there for a minute.

Anyway, somebody passed along this awesome chart on Iqbal prepared by the ABA’s Pretrial Practice and Discovery Iqbal Task Group (yes, such a group exists) that summarizes in a concise fashion all the most important rulings that have substantively applied Iqbal among the federal circuits.

What do you have to say now, Justice Alito?