Propaganda All Is Phony

I’m in a pissy mood this morning.

I guess what bothers me the most is that today I actually agree with Glenn Garvin.

Blind pig etc.

Did you see this great Julie Kay article on all the money lawyers will be making out of the Rothstein mess?

I think Judge Stettin and the bankruptcy lawyers will make out, but I have my doubts on the investor suits.Once you tap out TD Bank, what’s left?

Speaking of economic booms, tomorrow our shiny new courthouse will be hosting oral argument before the MDL Panel, which coordinates multi-district litigation in all federal courts.

(The JPMDL docket for tomorrow is here.)

That means dozens of the nation’s top lawyers will be flying in from all over the country, billing every step of the way, and spending the client’s money today and tomorrow in fancy restaurants and hotels and — of course — strip clubs.

Then, tomorrow morning, these same bleary-eyed attorneys will have approximately 45 seconds to make a pitch for their favored city — great airports, great judges, great proximity to [pick from column A] — to the Panel, which has already decided where to park the litigation anyways.

So basically it’s a lot of fun and you don’t want to miss it.