Quoting Bob Dylan?

Hey, maybe Richard Strafer is a ranter too:

Quoting Bob Dylan and a legal treatise, attorneys for indicted Miami attorney Ben Kuehne and two co-defendants maintain the “unprecedented” money laundering indictment is ideologically motivated by the Justice Department.

Very interesting. Now let’s get to the quote:

Miami attorney Richard Strafer, representing Saldarriaga, contends the government doesn’t have a case.
He makes the point in his filing with flair, quoting folk rock legend Dylan’s song “Like a Rolling Stone” in his motion to dismiss a wire fraud conspiracy count, writing, “When you [ain’t] got nothing, you got nothing to lose.”

Okay, Richard could have went a little deeper into the Bard’s song book but the quote works, I think.

BTW John, good story and all but get your editors an updated style book. “Folk rock” legend? The dude went electric in 1966.