Remember Frank Guerra?

I was reading this article about more foreclosure problems at downtown’s Wind By Neo (a beautiful building, btw) when something familiar caught my eye:

On Sept. 2, Wachovia filed a foreclosure action against Neo Epoch 1 and managing members Frank Guerra, Lissette M. Calderon and Maria T. Calderon, according to Miami-Dade County Circuit Court records. It targets the 1.8-acre site, at 24 S.W. Fourth St., along the Miami River.

Neo Epoch 1 bought the site for $30 million in 2004 and obtained a $22.8 million mortgage from Wachovia. The site has been used as a parking lot. No major construction has taken place. The completed Wind by Neo is on its north side.

Frank Guerra?

Bilzen’s Frank Guerra?

It seems so:

Frank Guerra serves as President of NEO, where he is directly involved in the diverse facets of NEO’s real estate development including project identification and acquisition, deal structuring, implementation of NEO’s strategies and goals, project financing, and equity placement. Mr. Guerra draws daily from his background in finance, law and the many relationships built throughout his career to establish and contribute to all aspects of NEO’s project development. Mr. Guerra obtained an M.B.A, with concentrations in Finance and International Business, from George Washington University as well as a J.D. from the University’s prestigious National Law Center. Mr. Guerra’s legal career is highlighted by the combined experience he gained while an Associate at Gunster Yoakley Valdes-Fauli & Stewart P.A, one of the largest legal firms in the state of Florida and then Bilzin Sumberg Baena Price & Axelrod LLP, a statewide powerhouse in real estate development. For the past decade, Mr. Guerra has been using his diverse expertise to consummate real estate development transactions.


Was everybody in town (except me) developing real estate projects?