Richard Critchlow in Hooterville

Let’s see, I’m in a good mood, mostly because I came across this tremendous streaming archived performance of the Dead at the Miami Jai-Alai fronton from back in June 1974.

Geez, remember when they used to have shows there?

(What exactly do they do there now?)

I see Richard Critchlow traveled to a Sarasota circuit courtroom to do battle on behalf of H&K, sued in connection with the alleged Ponzi scheme of Arthur Nadel and Scoop Management.

The David/Goliath/high-powered lawyers in Hooterville perspective of the reporter is quite amusing — here’s a taste:

Holland & Knight hired a team of lawyers from Miami to argue a multi-faceted motion asking for the case to be dismissed. The Miami law firm of Kenny Nachwalter P.A. presented DeFuria with a 3-inch-thick legal binder containing judicial decisions it said supported its position.

Whoa — three whole inches??(The reporter didn’t mention that two inches consisted entirely of mapquest directions to the Sarasota courthouse).

In other news, Joan reports that pretty much everybody and David Markus will be at this shin dig tonight, where Chief Justice Quince will be speaking.

Isn’t it about time the Herald gave her back her regular column?(oops I meant Joan, not Peggy).

Scarlet begonias, folks.