Ruden Still in Growth Mode!


You know how Ruden indicated to The Intrepid One a few weeks ago that it was in growth mode and looking to hire some new associates, but then turned around and fired a bunch of dedicated staffers just in time for the holidays?

Well it looks like that form of “growth” is continuing:

The West Palm Beach office of Shutts & Bowen law firm has announced an end-of year expansion, bringing five new lawyers to the team. The firm has not yet named a fifth lawyer expected to join the practice at the start of 2011.

Among the arrivals are Ruden McClosky top producers real estate lawyer Steven Parson and business litigator Eric Christu. Both join Shutts as partners.

Call me crazy, but nothing shouts GROWTH louder than losing a top producer to a direct competitor.

This is truly Sun Tzu in action.

Well played, sir!