Scott Rothstein Thinks Your Goatee Lacks ‘Tude!

Would you want to work at a firm where the boss personally evaluates your facial hair?

You would if you work at Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler:

He will only let his underlings grow facial hair, for example, if they have the right attitude. “I had one young attorney who wanted to grow a goatee,” Rothstein says. “I allowed him to try. But it didn’t work. It was patchy and scruffy. Another guy grew one that looked good. But he seemed embarrassed by it. You have to be a beard or goatee kind of guy, or the jury or the client will just think you didn’t shave or you’re trying to prove something.”

Also, you can thank some unnamed retired federal judge for the fact that Scott feels compelled to “politely terrorize” the lawyers at his firm — sartorially, of course.

I guess if you’re wearing a $5k Tom James suit you’ve earned that right.